• Lowell Beasley

Cecily Christian Added To #WE Host Roster

Hip hop artist Cecily Christian has been signed to #WE as a TV host/ co-host on all its TV productions starting as co-host on the next two #WE TV global specials, #We_Global annd #WE_SHEROES. Cecily Christian hosted "The A -Team' episode of #WE recently leading to this development.

Cecily Christian is a devoted artist, rapper and model, and now adds TV host to her reimen. She is co-hosting the next two specials with guest co-host, Karian Sang, international artist/ singer/ dancer, and celebrity #WE host, Alyson Williams, Soul Hall of Fame Inductee, and The First Lady of Def Jam.

"We were very impressed with Cecily's natural hosting skills. She is a natural. We had been in talks with her for 5-6 years and when she stepped up on the fly doing such a stellar job, we knew we needed to get behind her to take her to the next level," says #WE founder Lowell Beasley.

#WE welcomes this beauty femme powerhouse to the #WE movement as a reguklar host/ co-host on TV media and concert productions. #WE will also be featuring Ms. Christian as an artist and performer.

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