• Lowell Beasley

Arthur The Magic Savage Joins #GoodTimesPPV

Updated: Jan 31

After watching his first special of David Blaine on television, Arthur The Magic Savage's passion for magic started right then and there. He knew he wanted to take magic seriously at the age of 12; from watching Criss Angel make a huge elephant disappear on the second season of "Criss Angel MindFreak", to watching Criss walk on water, Arthur took the initiative to buy his first books on magic from the library. As his slogan implies, "The Only Savage Of Magic", he strives to hold this standard at every birthday party, or event he is hired to perform at. In 2015, the producer of Criss Angel MindFreak (Michael Blum), reached out to Arthur, asking him if he was willing to audition for a television project, featuring the famous rapper 50 Cent, and he took the opportunity: The following year after, Arthur was even featured on a television documentary called, "Through The Worm Hole".

On Jan. 31, Arthur The Magic Savage brings his magic and a few magicians to the #GoodTimesPPV, the all-star event, adding magic to the evening.

Head on over to his YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram accounts to experience for yourself.



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