Join NBA icon Craig Hodges; Earth Wind & Fire alumni Sheldon Reynolds;  celebrity rapper Shug Jackson, Straight Outta Compton's Curtis Young, and a host of others in a One Night celebration of the iconic Good Times TV series in a theme of #GoodRiddance2020, hello #GoodTimes2021 in a celebrity-filled PPV concert celebration special entitled #GoodTimesPPV.


In the iconic theme song, it talks about all the problems they had, yet they still had the Good Times they made of it. This is a sorely needed message for NOW as after the divisive election, COVID-19, the riots, the lay-offs, we could ALL use a new focus on some Good Times, if even for one night.

Carlena Evans, daughter of Good Times creator, Mike Evans, ( Lionel Jefferson on " All In The Family") will host and bring in surprise cameos from original Executive Producer, Eric Monty, cast and crew members, and an all-star list of celebs to walk us down the Good Times memory lane.

"We find it important to have a nostalgic cap to the end of a trying year. Even though many are hurting, we want to remind ourselves that we still can have “Good Times”, just as the Evans family did. No matter the challenge, they still had love and family to see them through. Join us as we take a walk down memory lane with our favorite artists from a time that we are fond of." - Carlena Evans / Host



The #GoodTimesPPV show will feature clips and snippets of the iconic TV series mixed with performances by stars of yesterday, today and tomorrow, in a one night focus on positivity and " Good Times" rather than the negatives that 2020 so overwhelmed us all with.

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